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Hate to talk cash flow?  Most of us would rather talk program quality, but strong financial operations are essential to delivering and sustaining high quality services. Weak financial management stops too many after-school and other youth-serving nonprofits from winning grants, planning realistically, and doing all they can to fulfill their missions.

Join this webinar to learn how to build your organization’s fiscal strength and that of your provider network through a new, free suite of online resources at You’ll hear from the creators of the website how to tailor it to your needs, and you’ll also get advice from a leading expanded learning non-profit organization. was developed by The Wallace Foundation and Fiscal Management Associates (FMA) specifically for nonprofits...

05/01/2013 -


The day was finally here... and no this finally isn't one of excitement.  

We had our annual Community Debate at Brown University this past saturday. It was great truly. We had 3 rounds with CRAZY topics. The first Topic was that Providence should have 2 same sex schools, we should plug in to a machine and live in a utopia until death do us apart, and condoms should be distributed in High School. It was funny, as I had to argue the Affirmative side of distributing condoms Senator Juan Pichardo walked in. It was great to see him come and support but I don't know how I felt about him watching that specific round.

Anyway, we were sitting in the same auditorium we have been in for the past 4 years, or more. They call for drum roll as they begin to announce the two teams that will be competing in front of everyone. The names were music to my ear, as we all know I like to win, they said "Genesis and Hillary (Director of PASA and AMAZING, SMART, Creative woman) will compete in the final round Versus...(I forgot the name of the other team.. but she was great.)

We debated whether or not the U.S should pay reparations to African Americans whom can prove they had ancestors whom were slaves. I had to be on the negative side (I think it's always easier to say no than yes, some might agree.). We debated, she was amazing, our opponents were great but at the end of the day there can only be one winning team. Luckily, for Hillary and I, we were that winning team. 

Yes, getting awards and that part was great. But sometimes after the sun comes the darkness. At the reception, we all went into an auditorium in List Building at Brown University (Yes I didn't get into Brown but I will continue to try!). They started honoring debaters and coaches and all. It was great, I had a handful of awards. Although I should have been filled with Joy, the tears running down my eyes expressed otherwise. I embraced Karri (An amazing woman whom has been an exemplanary coach and role model to me for the last four years, and years to come, whom will also be graduating from Brown this...

04/30/2013 -

Video Spotlight: Rhode Island Urban Debate League!

All week, high school students around the city are showing off what they've accomplished and learned during their ten-week ELO experience. To see the kind of opportunities available to young people in Providence, check out this video of one the many fantastic program partners that make this work possible!

04/17/2013 -

PASA is thrilled that Adrienne Gagnon, co-founder of longstanding AfterZone program partner DownCity Design, was named a 2013 Rhode Island Innovation Fellow! 

Adrienne's project, Innovation by Design, will help develop the next generation of RI innovators by getting young people involved in designing and building solutions for their communities. Her plan is to send out mobile design labs – repurposed from retired shipping containers – to parks, school yards, and vacant lots in Rhode Island’s core cities, and engage students in free, hands-on design programs that will improve our communities. Adrienne envisions students working together to design playgrounds, community gardens, public awareness campaigns, and other interventions to strengthen their neighborhoods, while gaining valuable academic and life skills.

​The Mobile Design Labs will inform the development of an online, interactive design curriculum portal available to all RI school districts, and a Summer Design Institute will support Rhode Island teachers to bring design-based service-learning projects into their classrooms.

Learn more about Adrienne's project below!

04/04/2013 -

The Hub's ELO digital badges have been getting a lot of attention lately, but we keep saying that badges aren't why Providence high schoolers are flocking to ELOs! They're just the icing on the cake of a high quality system.  


03/12/2013 -

By Dylan Scott

Originally Posted in Governing Magazine
March 7th, 2013


“Maybe it sucks,” Hillary Salmons, executive director of the Providence After School Alliance, told the audience at a conference last month centered on after-school programs and why attendance at some is so low. “Maybe the kids aren’t coming for a reason.”

It was striking honesty from a local leader, but one spoken from experience. Salmons, with a directive from then-Mayor David Cicilline, oversaw the launch of the Rhode Island capital city’s AfterZone initiative for middle schools in 2005. It was a reimagining for what an after-school program should look like. An attempt to take a program that was held in one location with a rigid format and transform it into a citywide system that offers something for a variety of interests and appeals to students' sense of creativity and individuality.

Salmons and her colleagues accomplished that through the ‘zone’ concept. The city was divided into three zones, each offering distinct menus of programs based out of one school in each zone. One might focus on music and the arts; another might revolve around physical activity and sports. The school year was broken up into three sessions, so students could have opportunities to try different things. The three anchor schools just served as a base, as field trips to nearby libraries or recreational centers became an integral part of the program. More than 100 groups contributed to the initiative in one form or another. The alliance has also set rigorous quality standards and established frequent assessments to ensure the needs of its “customers,” as Salmons calls them, are being met.

In the years since, Providence has become a model for effective after-school systems. Tens of thousands of the city’s youth have participated, and they’ve proven to be absent less and score higher on standardized tests than their peers not in the program. The alliance has started a similar system for high school students, ensuring continuity for the middle schoolers who have moved up and opening up opportunities...

03/05/2013 -


Rent a house from our My PASA, Su Casa program for the 2013 Brown Commencement and Alumni weekend!

Stay in comfort and style, while helping to support the Providence After School Alliance continue to provide quality after-school programming for the city’s middle and high school students.

During the last eight years, PASA has inspired over 7,000 local students through a variety of hands-on learning experiences, and we rely on our supporters to make this happen!

Now in its third year, the unique My PASA, Su Casa fundraising strategy operates on the support of generous families from the East Side of Providence who donate their elegant homes—many of which are historic properties—to PASA to rent for Brown Commencement and Alumni weekend.

For 2013, PASA is offering visiting families a variety of available 1-6 bedroom houses—most with onsite parking—within walking distance of Brown. For less than multiple hotel rooms, gather together with family and friends in one location to celebrate your graduate or reunion, and feel at home away from home all while giving back to Brown's larger community of Providence.

Your payment directly benefits the city's youth

One house rental can support an entire year of free after-school and summer camp programs for one student. PASA's programs are operated by some of our city's most leading edge organizations, like Save the Bay, Audubon Society of Rhode Island, CityArts for Youth, and DownCity Design. Students do everything from learn violin, to travel out onto Narragansett Bay to analyze water samples and marine life!