A Day in the Life

Summer STEM Camp

The AfterZone

At the end of the school day, you go to the cafeteria to check in with your program provider. You receive a hot meal and have some time to socialize with your friends. The AfterZone Site Coordinator and the Youth Engagement Specialists greet you before making announcements about the day, and then you are dismissed to your programs.

If your funded program runs during the first hour of AfterZone, you enjoy high-quality programs that you signed up for in advance of the 10-week session. These programs fall into the categories of sports, arts, and skills, and change from session to session. Many students attend the AfterZone year after year, trying new programs and learning new things each time around.

If your funded program runs during the second hour of AfterZone, you go to Club AfterZone after dinner. Youth Engagement Specialists run Club AfterZone activities, which range from kickball and team-building games, to crafts and science experiments. These choices change on a daily basis, and are planned with young people’s interests in mind.

At 4:10, the two groups switch.  You finish out the day in your respective place, either your funded programs or in Club AfterZone. At 5:15, you meet in the cafeteria for dismissal and go home by walking, by being picked up by an authorized adult, or by taking the AfterZone bus to your home neighborhood.

The Hub

Welcome to the Hub at Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex (JSEC)! Similar to the AfterZone, your participation in the Hub begins right after the last bell of the school day.  Once you have collected your belongings, you will head to the cafeteria.  Upon your arrival you will be supplied with a bag lunch consisting of a sandwich, a piece of fruit, a snack and a milk/juice. This time between 2:35 – 3:00 is spent in the cafeteria and reserved as time for you to relax and have a bite to eat before heading to your program.

Hub programs are provided by both community organizations and school teachers and they happen both at JSEC and around the city.  This means that you can choose a program that takes place inside your school or a program that happens in a different part of Providence!  While you are eating your after-school lunch your site coordinator will provide you with a day pass for the city bus called a RipTik that will get you to and from your off-site program.  The site coordinator will also provide you with a map and instructions on how to navigate the RIPTA bus system if you need it.

Next comes the fun part!  Once you have arrived at your program you will now have the opportunity to participate in one of our hands-on programs that provides you with real world experience, career skills and an afternoon of fun!  At the Hub we have programs in the following categories: science, technology, engineering, arts, design, theater, leadership, sports, health, culinary and many more!  Your programs will typically run on Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs so be sure to review your schedule.  We look forward to seeing you at the Hub!