Brochures for Winter 2020

JSEC and 360 High School Winter 2020

HOPE H2O High School Winter 2020


Hub & H2O Clubs

Hub Clubs give high school students at Juanita Sanchez and 360 High School access to programming provided by a variety of Providence organizations, teachers, and community-based educators. Hope High Optimized (H2O) Clubs do the same, but for high school students at Hope High School.

All clubs are offered outside of the school day, in multi-week sessions, giving students the time for deep learning and the opportunity to build lasting relationships with the adults guiding them. Programming is offered throughout the year – fall, winter, spring and summer sessions. Transportation, snacks and meals are all included. Some programs take place at school, others travel to off-site locations.

Programs vary each session and cover a variety of interests and topics such as rock-climbing, writing, culinary skills, morning fitness, youth leadership, work-readiness programs and more. There is something for everyone!


What is a typical day in Hub or H2O?

Similar to the middle school AfterZone, youth participation in Hub and H2O begins right after the last bell of the school day. Once youth have collected their belongings, they head to the cafeteria for a meal and healthy snack. The first half hour is reserved as a chance for youth to relax and have something to eat before heading to their program.

Programs are provided by community organizations and/or school staff.  Programs happen both at the respective schools and around the city. This means that youth can choose a program that takes place inside their school, or a program that happens in a different part of Providence. Transportation is included for any off-site programs.

Once youth arrive at their program, they have the opportunity to participate in hands-on programs that provide them with real-world experience, career skills and an afternoon of fun. There are programs in science, technology, engineering, arts, design, theater, leadership, sports, health, culinary arts and more. Programs typically run on Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.



Update: 12/18/19