A Day in the Life

Summer STEM Camp

Middle School: The AfterZone

At the end of the school day, youth go to the cafeteria to check in with the program provider, receive a hot meal and have some time to socialize with friends. The AfterZone Site Coordinator and other support staff greet youth, make announcements about the day, and then youth are dismissed to programs.

If the program runs during the first hour of AfterZone, youth go straight into the specific program they signed up for in advance of the 10-week session.  Programs are offered in sports, arts, and skills, and change from session to session. Many students attend the AfterZone year after year, trying new programs and learning new things each time around.

If the funded program runs during the second hour of AfterZone, youth go to Club AfterZone following supper. Club AfterZone activities range from kickball and team-building games, to crafts and science experiments. The activities change on a daily basis and are planned with young people’s interests in mind.

At 4:10, the two groups switch.  Youth finish out the day in their respective place, either the funded programs or in Club AfterZone. At 5:15, youth meet in the cafeteria for dismissal and go home either by walking, by being picked up by an authorized adult, or by taking the AfterZone bus.


High School: Hub & H2O Clubs

Similar to the AfterZone, youth participation in the Hub or H2O clubs begins right after the last bell of the school day.  Once youth have collected their belongings, they head to the cafeteria for a bite to eat and some time with friends before their program.

Hub and H2O programs are provided by community organizations and school teachers, taking place both in the schools and around the city. Hub and H2O Coordinators provide youth with a day pass for the city bus that will get them to and from their off-site programs.  The site coordinator can also provide youth with a map and instructions on how to navigate the bus system if they need it.

Once youth have arrived at their program they have the opportunity to participate in hands-on programs that provide real world experience, career skills and an afternoon of fun!  There are programs in science, technology, engineering, arts, design, theater, leadership, sports, health, culinary arts and more.  Programs typically run on Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesdays/Thursdays, offering wide variety of choices for everyone.