Middle School

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The AfterZone.  Expand the learning experience.  Explore your interests.

In the AfterZone, you will have year-round access to a wide variety of hands-on learning and enrichment opportunities—provided by over 70 community-based organizations—that motivate and inspire you to succeed, while giving you freedom to experiment with newly discovered interests, develop new skills, create relevant connections between in- and out-of-school experiences, and explore possible career interests.

When you sign up for the AfterZone, you can choose among free programs ranging from sailing to culinary arts to design and build projects to analyzing Narragansett Bay plankton aboard a Save the Bay boat.

With the AfterZone, you receive:

  • Free after-school and summer programs 4 days per week
  • A hot meal
  • Transportation to and from programs provided by the Providence Public School District

The AfterZone operates for 30 weeks every year and has 4 different seasons.  It is open to all Providence public school students.

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