Our Model

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Providence After School Alliance crafted a nationally-recognized model to best serve young people.

  • Logistical support –  We coordinate transportation, recruit young people to programs that best match their interests, and provide meals to youth every day so that our program partners can focus solely on delivering high quality programs.
  • A team of committed program providers.  Over 200 part-time instructors from 80 organizations apply 3 times per year to offer programs at both the middle and high school levels.
  • Quality programs.  We set high standards and offer professional development to ensure we are making an impact on the 2,000 youth we serve every year.
  • Leverage resources.  For 15 years, PASA has raised over $24 million from a mix of public and private funds to transform the lives of over 14,000 middle and high school youth. Thanks to the leadership of the Mayors and Superintendents, half of PASA’s budget is raised from the city and public education funding sources.  The other half is supported by national and local corporate funding and a growing, dedicated list of individual donors.

PASA has built an efficient system that costs approximately $1,200 per student.  We maximize donor investments in transportation, meals, staffing and programs, we utilize school buildings after hours, and we reinvest over $500,000 to pay instructors in 80 community organizations committed to serving youth.

The AfterZone: Our middle school initiative serves 1,500 young people every year. The AfterZone gives middle school youth access to almost 100 programs in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), the arts, and sports provided by 70 Providence organizations, teachers, and community-based educators.  Programs run in five Providence middle schools and throughout the city. AfterZone programs are offered in a multi-week session, giving youth time for deep learning and for the opportunity to build lasting relationships with the adults who guide them.


The Hub & H2O: Our high school clubs serve youth attending Juanita Sanchez, 360 and Hope High Schools. High school programs build on the AfterZone, helping young people refine skills related to their interests. Some credit-bearing courses are also offered through the All Course Network, a statewide initiative launched by Governor Raimondo in January 2016 to provide every high school youth in Rhode Island an opportunity to enroll in a mix of college level, Advanced Placement (AP), and credit-bearing expanded learning opportunity (ELO) courses through a single statewide course catalog.