High School

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Deepen the learning experience. Dive into your interests.

Our programs will give you real-world experiences that deepen your studies and equip you with skills for college and the workforce.  When you participate in one of our programs, you will engage in hands-on learning throughout the city, receive support from dynamic and committed pairs of teachers and community educators, and hone professional skills like problem solving, teamwork, and communication.

Our high school programs are delivered through two initiatives:

  • The Hub: A network of community organizations coordinated by PASA that serves about 250 youth every year by offering credit-bearing mini-courses and high quality after-school programs.  The Hub gives young people an opportunity to build and refine skills for success in college and the workforce.  Currently, the Hub operates at Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex (JSEC) and through the Advanced Coursework Network (ACN).
  • The Advanced Coursework Network (ACN).  A statewide initiative launched in January 2016 by Governor Raimondo in order to provide every high school youth in Rhode Island an opportunity to enroll in a mix of college level, AP, and credit-bearing expanded learning opportunity (ELO) courses through a single statewide course catalogue.  Currently, PASA offers 9 credit-bearing programs through the ACN catalogue.


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