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Chef Walters
Young people learn culinary skills in Intro to Culinary and Hospitality with Chef Walter

 Hub Clubs

Winter 2017

     *The following 12 programs are not for credit

Awesome Tours, Provided by Mr. Quesnel and Ms. Jenner JSEC Awesome Tours takes students to different places of interest or to cultural events in the city.  This winter we plan to see workshops and performances by the Paul Taylor Dance Company and the Rennie Harris Pure movement Dance Company.  We’ll also go to the movies to see Hidden Figures, the story of a team of African-American women who provide NASA with important mathematical data needed to launch the program’s first successful space missions.  And when the weather gets a little warmer, we’ll head to Roger Williams Park Zoo.  Most of our trips will be on Saturdays.  In some cases, participation in JSEC Awesome Tours trips will allow you to earn extra credit in selected classes.

Introduction to Culinary and Hospitality, Provided by Chef Walter’s Cooking School Spend time in a professional culinary environment to sharpen the necessary skills for being a culinary professional. This program is demanding, challenging, and very rewarding. You will learn the science of food, culinary vocabulary, and, of course, knife skills. Come learn from the world famous chef, Walter Potenza who has been on the Food Network! Free transportation to the cooking school!

Music StationsAction Sports and Technology Resource Organization, Learn the basics of sound engineering in an exciting and creative atmosphere.  Students will gain a greater understanding of the software and hardware used in music and post-production by creating their own original music compositions.  Have fun learning the basics of beat-making, song writing, and music production.

Open Art, Provided by Ms. Garland Have a school art project? Want to make an art portfolio? Thinking about going to college for art? Do you like to watch, draw, or even just talk about anime? Join us as we explore art and anime cultures–from studio mindsets to Japanese food and music. Get feedback from friends and an art teacher on drawings, sketches, and paintings. Learn how different techniques and materials can convey different messages.

Take CoMMAnd, Provided by Action Sports and Technology Resource Organization Learn MMA and self-defense from the best athletes, at the best facility in Rhode Island. This program will teach the basics of striking and grappling while pushing students to their limits of physical fitness. Challenge your body and your mind as you discover your path to Take CoMMAnd of your life. Free transportation is provided.

The Actor’s Studio, Provided by the Gamm Theatre Come join the Actors Studio! This class focuses on basic theater skills while emphasizing your creativity, enjoyment, and talent. You will sharpen your performance technique through improvisation, character creation, backstory development, and exciting new theater exercises. Never acted before? Been in a Broadway show? This class is for everyone!

English Classes, Provided by The Genesis Center The After School ESL class is for students at JSEC who want to learn to speak or improve their English.  Classes will include lessons to support school work, homework help, activities to help students prepare for college/careers, conversation practice and group projects and activities.  Come learn with friends in a relaxed and safe setting!  Clases de Inglés, El Centro de Génesis, La clase de Inglés después de la escuela (The Afterschool ESL Class) es para estudiantes de JSEC que quieren aprender a hablar o mejorar su inglés.  Las clases incluirán lecciones para apoyar el trabajo escolar, ayuda con la tarea, actividades para ayudar a los estudiantes a prepararse para la universidad/carreras, práctica con la conversación, proyectos, y actividades de grupo.  Venga a aprender con amigos en un ambiente relajado y seguro!

Childcare and Babysitting Safety (CABS), Provided by American Safety Programs and Training Inc. Get your certification in Childcare Safety and Babysitting through this program!  Learn the skills necessary to start your own babysitting business and demonstrate what you’ve learned for a certification.  This program is a great introduction to first-aid and CPR if you are interested in a career in the medical field or starting your own childcare business.  This program makes a great addition to your resume or college application.

Teen Workout, Provided by Mr. Moreau Look Better. Feel Better. Do Better. Train and test your muscle strength, your cardio stamina, and track your personal progress. Learn how to improve yourself by making a personalized plan and sticking to it to see actual gains.

Principal’s Leadership Program, Provided by Young Voices Young Voices empowers youth to become confident civic leaders and advocates in their communities. It teaches youth to understand issues, think strategically, speak out and lead. Through Young Voices, youth achieve high test scores, graduate high school, go to college and become highly successful adults.

Marine Biology: Sharks, Stingrays, and Skates, Biomes Interested in learning more about Marine Biology?  Come learn the practices of real scientists and dissect real sea creatures!  You will learn to identify the major water organisms of the world and explain their significance in the ocean food web.  We will focus on sharks and how they are impacted by human activity.  We will also use how to capture and release ocean life for research practices. 

Open Library, Provided by Mr. Quesnel Come to Open Library to get extra help in any subject! Three days a week you can use the JSEC library to work on your homework, projects or simply to use a computer. There will always be a math tutor there to help! This year there will be a college readiness component to help all upperclassmen with the college application process.