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Chef Walters
Young people learn culinary skills in Intro to Culinary and Hospitality with Chef Walter

 Hub Clubs

Fall 2017

     *The following 10 programs are not for credit

JSEC Brochure Fall 2017



Awesome Tours
Provided by Mr. Quesnel and Ms. Jenner
Located in the JSEC Library

Come with us and discover what awesome sites and events are all around us in Providence and Rhode Island. JSEC Awesome Tours takes students to different places of interest or to cultural events in the city or nearby. It’s a tour of attractions that are all around us including cultural, historical and recreational sites. This fall we plan to go to the theatre to see two plays at Trinity Rep: “Death of a Salesman,” and “A Christmas Carol”. We will also be attending arts performances in the First Works series which includes dance and other performance artists. And, we plan to go exploring College Hill in Providence on our own magical mystery tour.


Provided by Mackenzie Bonney
Located at JSEC

Join us at “INK!” where you will learn the techniques of screen-printing and combine them with the skills needed to operate a small business. Screen-printing is the process used to print your designs onto multiple surfaces including: t-shirts, posters, tote bags, greeting cards, and more! Together we will create products for schools, events, organizations, and community members and use our profits to manage our business and fund our next projects. **All are welcome, no art experience necessary!


DJ, MC and Beat Making
Arts, Sports and Technology Resource Organization
Located at JSEC

Spin records, freestyle, and make your own beats. Using state of the art music production and DJ equipment, students will learn the basics of mixing and audio production. Gain hands on experience with turn tables, microphones and synthesizers to create your own original music and mixes.  The music you create will be used as the soundtrack for the Hip Hop Dance Club.  No musical experience necessary.


Hip Hop Dance
Arts, Sports and Technology Resource Organization
Located at JSEC

Express yourself through the art of dancing! Join Hip Hop Dance Club and you will learn how to choreograph and perform your very own dance moves. Have fun listening to your favorite music and dancing with friends.  You will work together with the DJ, MC and Beat Making program to have original music prepared for your original dances.  No experience necessary.


Open Art
Provided by Ms. Garland
Located in the JSEC Art Room

Have a school art project? Want to make an art portfolio? Thinking about going to college for art? Do you like to watch, draw, or even just talk about anime? Join us as we explore art and anime cultures–from studio mindsets to Japanese food and music. Get feedback from friends and an art teacher on drawings, sketches, and paintings. Learn how different techniques and materials can convey different messages.


Take CoMMAnd
Action and Technology Resource Organization
Located at 55 Porter St Gym

Learn Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and self-defense from the best athletes, at the best facility in Rhode Island. This program will teach the basics of striking and grappling while pushing students to their limits of physical fitness. Challenge your body and your mind as you discover your path to Take CoMMAnd of your life.  Free transportation is provided.


Gamm Theatre Drama Club
Provided by The Gamm Theatre
Located at JSEC

Join The Gamm Theatre this Fall for the first ever HUB Winter play! The first week will be devoted to selecting a play and holding auditions. The following weeks will be devoted rehearsal and preparing the play to be shared with friends and family in December. Learn the foundations of acting and performance, how to audition, and contribute to the play selection process. Participants will work on creating a character, developing on-stage presence, and what it takes to bring a play from the page to the stage!


English Classes
The Genesis Center
Located at JSEC

The After School ESL class is for students at JSEC who want to learn to speak or improve their English.  Classes will include lessons to support school work, homework help, activities to help students prepare for college/careers, conversation practice and group projects and activities. Come learn with friends in a relaxed and safe setting!


Clases de Inglés
El Centro de Génesis
Ubicado en JSEC

La clase de Inglés después de la escuela (The Afterschool ESL Class) es para estudiantes de JSEC que quieren aprender a hablar o mejorar su inglés. Las clases incluirán lecciones para apoyar el trabajo escolar, ayuda con la tarea, actividades para ayudar a los estudiantes a prepararse para la universidad / carreras, práctica con la conversación, proyectos, y actividades de grupo. Venga a aprender con amigos en un ambiente relajado y seguro!


Teen Workout
Provided by Mr. Moreau
Located in the JSEC Weight Room

Look Better. Feel Better. Do Better. Train and test your muscle strength, your cardio stamina, and track your personal progress. Learn how to improve yourself by making a personalized plan and sticking to it to see actual gains.


Young Voices’ Youth Leadership Program
Provided by Young Voices
Located at JSEC

Youth in the program will develop essential leadership skills that make them an effective public speaker, presenter, networker or facilitator that impacts their personal and academic development. Youth will also have multiple opportunities to apply their leadership skills and gain hands-on leadership experiences that will impact changes on school policies within the structure of their school, community and school district.