Youth Outcomes and Impact

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When young people participate in our programs day after day, we start making long-term impacts on their lives.

According to Public/Private Ventures, a nonprofit organization that assesses and evaluates community programming to identify and replicate effective programs, young people who regularly participated in the AfterZone had better academic and developmental outcomes than their nonparticipating peers.  Specifically, Public/Private Ventures found that, when compared to nonparticipating peers, AfterZone youth:

  • Had 25% fewer school absences and had math grades that are 1/3 of a grade higher (e.g., a B- to a B)
  • Those students who attend 32 or more days of the AfterZone per year had higher scores on standardized math tests, had higher math, ELA and science GPAs, and reported greater school connectedness
  • Those students who reported high levels of engagement in the AfterZone thought more about their future, had better social skills, and demonstrated more positive behavior

Read the Public/Private Ventures Report Executive Summary here.

The Graduate Profile of Skills

When youth regularly participate in our programs, we can focus on developing lifelong skills.  We’ve identified five essential life skills, known as the Graduate Profile of Skills, that are a priority for all program instructors to help youth participants develop.  They are teamwork, communication, perseverance, problem solving, and engagement in lifelong learning.  Our Graduate Profile supports the development of the whole child by recognizing social and emotional growth in young people and complementing the standard grading system in schools.  As a result, they are better prepared for success in college, careers, and life.