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All youth deserve a fair shot at learning– and life.

PASA’s mission is to expand and improve quality after-school, summer, and other expanded learning opportunities for the youth of Providence by organizing a sustainable, public/private system that contributes to student success and serves as a national model.

PASA’s Approach

Over time, the partnerships and practice that make up the AfterZone and the Hub have begun to integrate with the Providence Public School District to support a seamless day of year-round, in- and out-of-school learning that reengages young people in ways that excite them, stimulate their curiosity, and connect them to new experiences.

PASA’s approach to expanded learning is about making intentional connections between the community and schools, through academic content, but also through collaborative teaching practices and real-world, hands-on learning experiences.

It combines the hands-on youth development approach of the after-school field with the academic approach of the school day, resulting in dynamic, rigorous new learning opportunities for young people.

Hands-on learning is at the core of PASA’s expanded learning strategy.

This helps students to develop a sense of belonging, as well as a sense of ownership of their learning, by
providing a wide variety of learning options, ensuring that there’s something for every learning type and interest. Students choose their programs themselves from program brochures, allowing them to become empowered learners with a sense of personal agency.

The hands-on approach PASA’s programs use allows students to apply and investigate what they’ve learned for themselves, on their own or in a group. It also gives students the opportunity to strengthen their learning by building connections through mistakes.

Hands-on learning helps students see how what they’re learning fits into a greater understanding of the world, connecting content to other experiences or information.

For PASA, expanded learning is fun, relevant, deeper learning that happens anytime, anywhere.