The PASA team hopes everyone is staying safe and healthy during the pandemic. We are committed to keeping our focus on fostering a continued sense of community, kindness, and support for our youth, our families, and our after school providers.
This is an incredibly difficult time for everyone, but we continue to prioritize support, care, and encouragement for our students, families, and providers. Please reach out to us if you need help or if you have questions.


Visit our Learning Resources page for at-home learning links for STEM, Arts, Sports and Skills. Many of these links are from our valued, local Rhode Island providers and partners!


RE-CAP of PASA Annual Arts Event 2021
RADICAL RE-IMAGINING: How Arts Education Helps Youth Embrace Change, Re-Frame History, and Discover Themselves
A Conversation Featuring Ethan Hawke & Joe Wilson Jr.
Thank you to our special guests, sponsors and all our attendees! Read more about this event.


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