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Setting up Edmodo Account

Thank you for registering. To streamline the process and save time later, please create an Edmodo account now. This account is required to access all online AfterZone and Hub content and programs.

To create your Edmodo student profile. Use this link ( and follow the instructions to create your profile. At the top right corner of your screen, you will see a “sign up” button. Click it, and choose to create a student account. It will then have you enter some basic information and create a password. You must then enter the school code: vhpeaa (for AfterZone) or ndfmtc (for Hub).

Edmodo will then send you a verification email to the email account you signed up with. **Make sure you do NOT use your PPSD email address. The verification email will be blocked by PPSD’s filters.** You must verify this account through your email, and then you will have access to your AfterZone and Hub programs. Please do this as soon as possible and alert us to any issues you have.