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Letter on Safety Precautions for Fall Sessions (see below for safety procedures list)
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Safety Procedures for Fall Sessions:

  • Masks are required of every child and adult and will be provided every day.
  • Social distancing rules will be strictly observed – youth will only be with their instructors in a designated location and will not be able to roam and interact with anyone outside their pod.
  • You have a choice of outdoor or virtual programs so there is an option that works best for you.
  • Outdoor programs will be held in small pods of no more than 12 youth with an instructor – the only adult they will spend time with. We have carefully designed an experience so youth have contact with only one adult. 
  • All CDC and RI Department of Health Guidance and Protocols will be strictly followed.
  • Every child will be given a state-designed health check and have their temperature taken upon arrival.
  • An isolation room is available for any child that feels sick or exhibits symptoms and family members will be called immediately.
  • No child or staff is allowed to enter the grounds if they feel sick.
  • The only indoor experience will be access to bathrooms that have been deep cleaned and will be monitored by a cleaner who will clean after every child and staff member.
  • The bathroom area will be fogged once a week to kill all germs.
  • If any child is sick, we will help connect families to testing sites, share contact tracing information with the state, alert you immediately, and shut down the in-person program.
  • All virtual programs operate through our Edmodo platform so no one from the outside can visit a class and we can monitor the instruction.