Archived After-School Documents

Quality Improvement

Getting it Right: Strategies for After-School Success
This report from Public/Private Ventures synthesizes ten years of research to determine how to run effective programs that are funded to produce specific outcomes.

Moving Towards Success: Framework for After-School Programs
Funded by the Mott Foundation, this working document is intended to help program staff and researchers/evaluators embark on a long-term strategic plan of program development, program improvement, and measuring program effectiveness.

Promoting Quality Through Professional Development
An article published by the Harvard Family Research project on how professional development opportunities for after school staff supports quality improvement for programs.

Youth Development

Promising Practices in After School: Creating Engaging Learning Environments for Children and Youth
PowerPoint Presentation that outlines effective program practice.

Sports As A Hook: An Exploratory Study of Developmentally Focused Youth Sports Programs
A study conducted by the Center for Youth Development and Policy Research.

A Youth Development Strategy: Principles to Practice in Re-creation for the 21st Century by Reco Bembry.

What is this thing called Youth Development?
Article written by Peter Witt, Professor and Elda K. Bradberry Chair of Recreation and Youth Development at Texas A&M University.

Youth Development in Community Settings: Challenges to our Field and Our Approach
Article written by the Community Action for Youth Project.