The Hub: An Expanded Learning System for High School Youth

Learning Happens Anytime, Anywhere!


PASA created the Hub’s expanded learning system in response to middle school students asking how they could keep participating in after-school programs when they “graduated” from the AfterZone and entered high school.

The Hub’s programs provide youth with credit bearing mini-courses we call Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELOs), as well as a range of after-school programs that are developmentally appropriate for high school youth. Much like AfterZone programs, our ELO courses are offered by a team of community-based provider partners whose 12-20 week courses are approved by the District and/or the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE).

ELO offerings include a mix of STEM, leadership development, visual and performing arts, and sports programs in 3-5 high schools. Beginning in the fall of 2016, a number of ELOs will be offered to students throughout the State as part of a new initiative launched by RIDE called the Advanced Coursework Network, which provides students with rigorous, credit-bearing learning experiences outside of the school day and beyond school walls.

Interested in providing an ELO or after-school program for high school students? See the “Run a Program” section of this site.

Interested in this what ELO courses and programs are being offered this session? Click here