Learning Happens Anywhere, Anytime

Digital Badges Form Portfolio of Real World Skills

Until recently, it’s often been difficult to get recognition for skills and achievements gained outside of school. Digital badges provide a way for young people to get recognition for the skills and experiences they gain in PASA’s after-school and expanded learning programs (think a digital version of a Girl Scout badge), but also allow PASA to better see emerging passions, interests, and skills. At the high school level, badges act as public signifiers of the skills each student has acquired outside of the classroom.

Potential employers, community members, and even college admissions staff can go to a student’s online profile to see their portfolio of badges—linked to the work and projects done to achieve the badges—to get a holistic understanding of the student that goes beyond the classroom and beyond grades.

Imagine graduating high school with a dynamic portfolio of passions, projects, and skills that stretches all the way back to 6th grade, that connect you to future opportunities personalized to your experiences and interests!

PASA’s digital badge system recognizes, motivates, validates, and connects learning interests and achievements of youth beginning in 6th grade, creating a seamless system of learning pathways that usher youth through middle school, high school, and onward to college, career and life.

PASA’s digital badge initiative is supported through HASTAC/Macarthur and supported by Mozilla Open Badge initiative.