Learning Can Be Fun For Educators, Too

After-school programs aren’t seen as babysitting programs for children of working parents anymore. Instead, they’ve become enriching and holistic approaches to learning that help improve student outcomes including grades, attendance rates, graduation rates, and college-going rates.

PASA collaborates with schools and teachers to offer a full day/full year of learning that’s hands-on, enriching, and fun. We also work closely with youth, both formal and informal educators, families, policy makers, and community members to develop after-school and expanded learning programs that get young people exited, keep the coming back, and put them on a path for success. 

PASA is also committed to the idea that sharing data and best practices from local and national sources helps to contribute to making stronger and more sustainable after-school and expanded learning systems. To see our approach to using local and industry research, as well as to see a list of up-to-date resources, click here.

PASA’s program quality standards, professional development opportunities, use of program data,industry research, and assessment tools work in concert to ensure that our hands-on approach to learning is not only fun, but also effective.