Photo: AfterZone Summer Scholars learn about local ecosystems up close and hands-on

PASA’s mission is to expand and improve quality after-school, summer, and other expanded learning opportunities for the youth of Providence by organizing a sustainable, public/private system that contributes to student success and serves as a national model.

Coordinated Youth Opportunities

PASA has two initiatives that it collaborates with the City of Providence and the local community to build, operate, and support: the AfterZone for middle school youth, and the Hub for high school youth. The AfterZone and Hub are citywide systems — networks — of hands-on, community-based after-school and expanded learning programs that reach over 2,000 young people.

By working together to build a robust network of fun learning opportunities for middle and high school youth, we can realize better academic outcomes, healthier and happier young people, and a bright future for our city and state.

Learning Happens Anywhere, Anytime

Learning doesn’t happens in the classroom alone! PASA builds dynamic learning environments that engage youth, help them to succeed in and out of school, and spark new passions and interests.

Our values are the “how” of our work:

  • LEARNING: A commitment to learning is central to our mission for young people and adults.  
  • YOUTH & PARENTS: Encourage connections between youth and their families and schools and programs by providing high-quality program options.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: Create and support infrastructure that builds on existing public/private investments at the local, state and national level.
  • OUTCOMES: Articulate clear outcomes for youth learning and program quality that are appropriate to the after-school and expanded learning setting. 
  • PROVIDERS: Recruit, train, and compensate a professional staff that has the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to support young people.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Fully embrace accountability for measurable results.

PASA’s system builds upon the strengths and commitment of the Providence community to help our young people reach their fullest potential. To learn more about PASA’s history and how we came to be, click here.