Nickerson Community Center

Kids Train2Box

Train2Box is designed to enhance a youth’s ability to focus, build confidence and help them to learn respect, discipline, control and self-defense as they become physically fit. Participants leave the program having learned the fundamental skills needed to become more self sufficient and self disciplined in channeling their energies in a positive way. Students learn the fundamentals of boxing as well as concepts of sportsmanship, self-confidence and discipline.


KidSoccer coach Alipio Clarence Filho (Ali to his students) hails from Cape Verde and has a passion for the black and white ball.  In addition to teaching the fundamentals of soccer, including kicking, passing, goalkeeping, and the rules of the game, he believes that through soccer youth learn other important life skills: teamwork, confidence, sportsmanship, leadership.  For example, KidSoccer students are given the responsibility of leading their teammates in both pregame stretching and postgame cool down.

Ali, who works with the Nickerson Community Center and is an endorsed provider, not only coaches youth from the AfterZones, but also runs community soccer programs in Olneyville.  Often, his AfterZone and community teams are treated to tournaments, where they get a chance to show off their newly acquired skills and engage in healthy competition.  Because of positive experiences in the AfterZone program, many of Ali’s students double up and join his community league as well, which speaks greatly to Ali’s commitment and compassion.