Traveling Theatre

Handy Kids

Handy Kids teaches youth basic repair skills and tool handling. Skills taught include the safe use of hand and power tools, diagnosing common mechanical issues, measuring, cutting a board, driving nails and much more. Geometry plays an important part in repair processes, making Handy Kids both a math-enrichment and life-skills program.

Woodworking 101

Presented by the Traveling Theater, this program is headed by Kevin Cunha, an electro-magnetic engineer and industrial artist. Students in Woodworking 101 learn basic carpentry skills, but are not simply bound to using wood. In the Fall ’08 session, students branched out to work with bullet-proof glass to create a skateboard, while learning, hands-on, the art of plastic fabrication, welding, torming and shaping.

Young Actor’s Playground

In this program, students learn about the various aspects of theater including acting, dancing, costume design, direction and staging. Students play improvisational theater games that focus on acceptance, problem solving and self-confidence, with opportunities for group and solo performances. Additionally, Traveling Theatre operates as a “Full Service Provider” which means they incorporate homework help and academic, literacy and wellness games and activities into a full 2.5-hour curriculum.