Questionnaires for After-School Science Program Providers

PASA is working with the Providence Public Schools and partner community program providers to further develop expanded learning components to bridge in-school and out-of-school learning for Providence middle school youth. 

As part of the broader New Day for Learning initiative, this work also focuses on gauging and building the capacity of community-based educators to align their programs with the content in Providence’s core curriculum and to integrate into their programs evidence-based practices to help youth develop key learning skills and strategies that can be used across disciplines.  To this end, PASA and the Providence Public Schools are hosting a series of overview sessions exploring ways to blend these formal and informal education strategies as part of a seamless, full day of learning for youth.

The first session on expanded learning and science curriculum was held in mid-April.  At that time PASA unveiled three related online questionnaires that will help community-based providers identify how their AfterZone programs (and other after-school programs) for middle school youth are aligned with both the Rhode Island Department of Education’s Grade Span Expectations in science and the Providence Public Schools common guaranteed and viable science curriculum.  Additionally, providers can also identify how one-time field trips or classroom presentations they offer align with the District’s science curriculum.

Given this, all providers are invited and encouraged to complete the following online surveys:

Ongoing Multi-Session Science Program Alignment with RI GRADE SPAN EXPECTATIONS
Ongoing Multi-Session Science Program Alignment with PROVIDENCE’s CORE CURRICULUM

Science Field Trip / In-Class Presentation Alignment with PROVIDENCE’s CORE CURRICULUM

PASA will soon be announcing similar sessions and questionnaires for community-based educators who provide programs related to math, social studies, and English language arts.  Be sure to sign up for PASA’s eNewsletter to receive announcements about these and other upcoming events.

Also, if you have any questions or comments, please e-mail:

Patrick Duhon, Director of Expanded Learning for PASA and for Providence Public Schools


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