Let the Digital Validation Begin!

With all the national conversation going on about expanded learning, digital learning, and badges, everyone wants to know one thing: What will it look like? 

PASA contributed to the conversation last Thursday when we unveiled our digital badge and high school expanded learning for credit plans to a room full of local entrepreneurs, school and district reps., and members of the tech community at the Rhode Island Foundation.

The whole morning was filled with excitement and energy, but the highlight was hearing from Adonis and Rolando, two students from the Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex who are participating in the Hub’s expanded learning for credit program.

Adonis (pictured above) and Rolando have been taking a Drupal webmaking expanded learning class with local webmaker Kerri Lemoie. They’re learning how to make their own websites with one of the most relevant webmaking tools on the market, but beyond getting real-world, employable skills while gaining high school credit, Adonis and Rolando are EXCITED about learning.

“When I was a kid, I always wanted to learn how to build my own website and make it the most popular site on the Internet,” Rolando told the room, “now I’m learning how to do that!” Curious about what Rolando means? Check out his site!

With PASA’s digital badges, students like Adonis and Rolando will recieve badges that will provide them with authenticated validation of their skills, which they can then show potential employers, schools, and colleagues.

For more about the event, check out Linda Borg’s coverage in the Providence Journal here.

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