Don’t Let Good Solutions Go to Waste

Save the Bay Educator Grainne Lanigan leads a group of AfterZone Scholars in marine data collection 


There are over 1 million nonprofits across America, but it’s challenging to know which of them have high impact and the most potential to reach the most people in need.
Nonprofits need access to capital so they can expand their reach. Donors who give want their dollars to have the biggest impact. Right now, donors have no easy way of knowing which nonprofits are truly effective at helping people in need, which means that fewer charitable dollars are going to those programs that can do the most good.
To close this giving gap, the Social Impact Exchange launched the S&I 100—the first central marketplace for donors to connect with the causes that matter most to them, organizations that are addressing the country’s most pressing issues in education, youth, poverty and healthcare.

PASA is proud to have been selected as one such organization. For the past eight years, we have worked hard to not only try to address some of the complex problems facing our education system, but to do so while listening closely to what our customers—middle and high school students—want and need.

By listening and acting on what we learn, we’ve been able to bring teachers and informal educators together in search of innovative approaches to teaching, engage young people in hands-on learning that satisfies their desire to explore and test new and different ideas, and we have built a system of learning and enrichment supports that stretch from 6th grade to graduation. By listening to what young people have to say about their learning experiences, we’ve been able to get them to come to school more and to do better academically when they’re there.

We’re thrilled to be included among 99 other organizations who are just as passionate about their own work as we are about ours. Together, we can help build a better outlook for the next generation.

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