Hub Success Story: The Peña Sisters


Meet Elizabeth and Carolina Peña! They moved to the United States two years ago and spoke no English. They decided to take the Hub’s Web Journalism ELO for English Language Learers at Inspiring Minds last year “to show to the world how a spanish student in The United States can make her/his dreams come true.” 

Their English so dramatically improved after only one semester in the program, they each signed up again this fall for ELO programs, where they’re both learning how to start their own businesses and Carolina is learning out to design Android Apps for smart phones! 

On Friday, December 14th, both Elizabeth and Carolina will be giving public demonstrations of what they have learned and accomplished over the last semester as part of their ELOs. Their demonstrations will be reviewed and scored according to a rubric by panels of students, teachers, community members, local business leaders, and industry experts who will help Carolina and Elizabeth’s teacher-of-record decide on their grades. 

How are the Peña sisters feeling going into their demonstrations? 

Elizabeth said, “I’m Ready for the presentation, but I’m still nervous. I feel like I can do it, but I can’t control myself when I get nervous. I will let the destination do the work for me, and whatever will happen when I am going to present, it will be fine.” 

Carolina is excited to unveil her Android App, saying, “I’m not going to tell what kind of app I’m making until my ELO presentation because I want everyone in the presentation to guess what kind of app they think I made.”

We hope to see you all at the public presentation, but if you miss it, be sure to follow Carolina and Elizabeth on the Hub’s blog!

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