Call for High School Programs: Hub Expanded Learning Opportunities


The Providence After School Alliance (PASA), in partnership with the Providence Public Schools, is looking for non-profit organizations and business and industry partners to apply to provide “expanded learning opportunities” of ten or more weeks which provide youth with hands-on, relevant experiences to prepare youth for life beyond high school, in both career and academic pathways.  PASA staff and others will work with those whose applications are approved to further develop their programs to be eligible as credit-bearing opportunities for high school youth.

These Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELOs) through the PASA’s Hub high school initiative offer young people in Providence a chance to earn graduation credit for learning that takes place beyond the traditional classroom. PASA has developed Hub ELOs in partnership with Providence Public Schools and many community partners over the past three years. Although youth participants do receive credit upon completion of the program, PASA’s focus is on engaging youth in consistent participation, growing their social and emotional competencies and building relevant real-world skills.

The skills young people need to be successful after high school are complex, and learning experiences in school alone are not sufficient to prepare them for their next opportunities. ELOs in Providence allow us to collectively re-imagine what youth learn — and how, where, and when they learn it.  Musicians learn focus and perseverance from long hours of practice sessions and auditions. Gamers and computer tinkerers learn to think critically and push through challenges every time they encounter a new bug or programming problem. Artists expand their minds with big picture, out of the box creative thinking. These learning experiences are invaluable for our young people, the types of learning experiences that our schools are not able to provide in the quantity and depth that youth need.

All ELO experiences are youth-centered, hands-on, rigorous, and grounded in real -world experience. The core elements of the Hub ELO program include:

  • Rigorous learning experiences beyond the classroom – Youth engage in community-based after-school programs, internships and independent studies facilitated by community partners and supported by teachers to help youth develop specific skills.
  • Learning demonstrations – Youth reflect upon and demonstrate their learning through digital portfolios and by presenting their learning at the conclusion of their experience to a panel of experts.
  • Recognition of learning – Youth earn course credit and other recognition – including digital “badges” detailing their learning – for high-quality work aligned with common core state standards.

PASA will provide planning assistance, professional development opportunities, and ongoing program supports for approved applicants to help align their program offerings to be eligible high school credit.  Accepted program providers will also receive a $500 stipend, not to cover program costs, but to help defray the costs of the necessary administrative functions to make their program eligible as a credit-bearing opportunity for youth.

Youth who participate in the ELO program will: 

  • Think critically and creatively;
  • Communicate effectively;
  • Demonstrate perseverance and resourcefulness;
  • Work collaboratively;
  • Be highly engaged in their own learning.

If interested in being a part of this initiative working with Providence youth, please complete the attached application for making credit-bearing learning experiences available to high school youth at:

  • Juanita Sanchez Educational Complex
  • Dr. Jorge Alvarez High School
  • E-Cubed Academy 

To apply to be a program provider, download the application here

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