From Our Archives: 9 Photos of Student Engagement Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Think after-school programs just make sure young people have “stuff to do” until their parents get out of work? Think again! High quality after-school programs activate imaginations, inspire new passions, develop positive relationships with community members and teachers, and engage students in their own learning process in eye-opening ways.

From dance, to sports, to hands-on science, here are 9 photos from the AfterZone photo archives that capture moments of after-school magic bound to make you smile. 

2011: AfterZone Summer Scholars students analyze plankton samples aboard a Save the Bay boat




2008: AfterZone student in Willie Stephens’ guitar program concentrates on a new chord




2012: AfterZone student showcases the breakdance skills he learned at the AfterZone end-of-year celebration




2008: Backflip enthusiasm! An AfterZone student learns a new move in her gymnastics program with Dawn Corrado




2009: The moment of truth. Providence Police officers ran the extremely popular AfterZone PAL basketball program




2008: Detail Oriented. AfterZone students learn jewelry design




2007: Archery! The first ever AfterZone Summer Scholars as a full camp experience



2011: Fun Math. Nathan Bishop Middle School Science Teacher, Kerry Krawczyk works with an AfterZone Summer Scholars student to calculate kilometers for her sailing program with Community Boating



2009: In Honor of Throwback Thursday! Congressman (then-Mayor) David Cicilline poses for a picture after playing a game of flag football with the AfterZone Police officer-led football team






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