Introducing Your New AfterZone Interns: Keily Pozo

by Jon Allen, Nathan Bishop AfterZone Site Coordinator

posted 5.2.2014

Since it’s always been a bit difficult to keep our middle school students involved in the AfterZone when they become 8th graders, I thought it might be time to try out some leadership opportunities. This session, the Nathan Bishop AfterZone is tapping the energy and leadership expertise of 7th and 8th graders by offering interested students official AfterZone Internships. These internships count as an AfterZone program and can be taken as the primary program option, or completed in addition to another AfterZone program.  

As part of their internship requirements, each of the six students who signed up will be blogging here once a week—reflecting on their experiences, duties, and other notable moments from their week. I’m pleased to give you the first installment of the AfterZone Intern Blog!


Hey, I’m Keily Pozo, and this was my first week as an Afterzone Intern!

Over this past week, I’ve had a lot of fun, and learned tons of responsibility. I’ve run errands important to AfterZones daily operations, answered the AtferZone phone, saying “Hey, this is AfterZone, Keily speaking.” (Which sounded really funny to me ‘cause it Sounded so “grown up”.), and I had some laughs while talking with the other interns and AfterZone students. 

I honestly enjoy being an Afterzone Intern, it’s pretty cool. Since 6th always wanted to be a part of the AZ staff, and the fact that I am now is amazing! I hope that in the future, I can become an actual part of the AZ staff instead of just an intern, but I still enjoy my internship in AZ.

I’m looking forward to the next few months here!



Keily Pozo, 8th grade AZ Intern