From Our Archives: 7 Photos That Will Make You Want to Leave Work Early

Later this afternoon one of the most antcipated events of the year will be upon us. An event so popular and powerful, it unites hundreds of middle school students from around the city.

It’s the AfterZone End-of-Year Event. The AfterZone End-of-Year Event gives all of our middle school students and program providers the chance to show what they’ve been working on all year. Students produce dance routines, compete in sporting matches, demonstrate the martial arts skills they learned, perform musical pieces, and display artwork. 

It’s also a great time to run around and socialize and get out some energy after all their hard work all year!

Since it also happens to be Throwback Thursday (#TBT), we thought we’d bring you some deep cuts from our photo archives of the first-ever AfterZone End-of-Year Event. Be forewarned, these photos will probably make you want to leave work early to find the nearest field to run around in.

Thanks to everyone who has helped make sure the AfterZone and this great event happens year-in and year-out!