Beling’s Blog: Nurturing Talent Through Peer-to-Peer Relationships

Beling Todd is a former AfterZone student and a sophomore at the Met High School. Since 8th grade, Beling has been leading her own dance program, called Showstoppers, at Roger Williams Middle School. This year she also began interning with PASA to get a deeper view of youth development practices and general nonprofit management. Her blogs document her experience leading Showstoppers and participating in PASA life. 


By Beling Todd, AfterZone Program Provider and PASA High School Intern

posted 11.3.2014

For the past two weeks, PASA and AfterZone has completely taken over my life and I couldn’t be happier. Starting my third year of Showstoppers has been wonderful! I’m getting to know a lot of new students at Roger Williams Middle School and building a better connection with each and every one of my students. The talent at Rogers is unbelievable, and my students are hyper and energetic all the time—I’ve never seen a happier group of girls ready and eager to enjoy one of their many passions. 

Teaching my students choreography has become easier as the sessions go by, and I truly feel that since my first year of running Showstoppers I’ve found the perfect balance between “friend” and “teacher.” Nothing is better than seeing the kids you love share your passion and execute it to the T. I can’t wait to see this performance come together again!