Student Blog Feature: Genesis Sanchez


The day was finally here… and no this finally isn’t one of excitement.  

We had our annual Community Debate at Brown University this past saturday. It was great truly. We had 3 rounds with CRAZY topics. The first Topic was that Providence should have 2 same sex schools, we should plug in to a machine and live in a utopia until death do us apart, and condoms should be distributed in High School. It was funny, as I had to argue the Affirmative side of distributing condoms Senator Juan Pichardo walked in. It was great to see him come and support but I don’t know how I felt about him watching that specific round.

Anyway, we were sitting in the same auditorium we have been in for the past 4 years, or more. They call for drum roll as they begin to announce the two teams that will be competing in front of everyone. The names were music to my ear, as we all know I like to win, they said “Genesis and Hillary (Director of PASA and AMAZING, SMART, Creative woman) will compete in the final round Versus…(I forgot the name of the other team.. but she was great.)

We debated whether or not the U.S should pay reparations to African Americans whom can prove they had ancestors whom were slaves. I had to be on the negative side (I think it’s always easier to say no than yes, some might agree.). We debated, she was amazing, our opponents were great but at the end of the day there can only be one winning team. Luckily, for Hillary and I, we were that winning team. 

Yes, getting awards and that part was great. But sometimes after the sun comes the darkness. At the reception, we all went into an auditorium in List Building at Brown University (Yes I didn’t get into Brown but I will continue to try!). They started honoring debaters and coaches and all. It was great, I had a handful of awards. Although I should have been filled with Joy, the tears running down my eyes expressed otherwise. I embraced Karri (An amazing woman whom has been an exemplanary coach and role model to me for the last four years, and years to come, whom will also be graduating from Brown this year and moving on to conquer HARVARD UNIVERSITY!! (CONGRATS) and knew that this was the end.

I couldn’t contain the tears.

To know that I had been debating since freshmen year, and sadly because I am a senior I will no longer in RIUDL as a debater was heartbreaking. What was more Heartbreaking was the thought of not seeing the people whom I love anymore. No no no, I am not talking about myself as I will be coaching at RIUDL next year (I will go to RIC freshmen Year) and hopefully the year after that and the year after that and the year after that. (PASSIONATELY). I was sad because the coordinaters, KARRI specifically, JOANNA, KURT, SCOWFIELD, RYAN, and PRIYA are graduating and moving on with their lives. They wont be there next year and that made me nostalgic. If any one of you is reading this right now, I wish you the best of luck. 

Anyway, yea I am thankful for RIUDL. Although this past saturday was an Emotional Rollercoaster, I know that RIUDL will always be there for me. IF I were any one of you kindhearted people whom have the resources, I would help fun this amazing organization. is the website, trust me, it has changed my life and also the lifes of many others. 

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