AfterZone Summer Scholars Brochures are Here!


Do you know a middle school student looking for something to do this summer? You’re in luck! Check out the 2013 AfterZone Summer Scholars brochures!

In partnership with the Providence Public Schools, the AfterZone Summer Scholars gets young people off the couch and into the community, giving them the opportunity to learn how to sail, build go-carts, hang out with animals at the zoo, go kayaking, learn to cook, trek through the forests and fields of Rhode Island, and so much more. The best part? While they’re enjoying a variety of free and fun summer activities, they’ll also be improving their STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) skills.  

The summer program taps the expertise of formal and informal educators simultaneously, pairing teachers and community-based educators in collaborative teams. So while students are collecting plankton on Narragansett Bay, they’re also learning how to analyze data with a math teacher, learning the physics behind sailing, and trying their hands at geometry as they build their solar-powered go-carts! 

See what students have to say about their experiences here!

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