The Ups and Downs of Teamwork: Two Takes From 8th Grade AfterZone Interns

by Jon Allen, Nathan Bishop AfterZone Site Coordinator

posted 5.9.2014

As our Nathan Bishop AfterZone Interns moved into their second week on the job, a couple of them wanted to write about their experiences working with friends as part of a team. As Jaida and Alexis found out, sometimes teamwork can make or break a professional experience. 

Introducing Jaida

Hi. My name is Jaida Melendez. I am an After Zone intern. I love interning because I get to help out with jobs that only After Zone staff would do. Now, I also like working with my friends but sometimes it doesn’t go so smoothly. Like, on my first week, some people didn’t do their jobs.

For instance, sometimes, a friend of mine who will remain nameless doesn’t like to do her job. She eventually comes around, but it makes work more difficult. Still I love working with my friends. Shout out to all the interns who do their jobs. Overall they are great help and good additions to the team.

For real,

Jaida M.


Introducing Alexis

Hey, Alexis here.

I survived my first week as an Afterzone intern. I am halfway through my second week, and, I love it!

This week I am working with my best friend Keily who is also an intern. Working with a partner makes its easier to get the job done, because we can split the work and also have a great laugh.

I love my best friend, and having her work with me just makes the opportunity that much better. There are also other interns here that I did not know personally, so being partners with someone who is unfamiliar is something I also enjoy doing. 

Alexis Batista an 8Th grader at Nathan Bishop Middle School