Managing Up: Nathan Bishop’s AfterZone Interns Give Constructive Feedback

by Jon Allen, Nathan Bishop AfterZone Site Coordinator

posted 5.16.2014

For their third week on the job, I asked the Nathan Bishop AfterZone Interns to reflect on their experience of having a boss. As a result, I got some unexpected, but constructive feedback!


Whats up! Its Alexis back again.

I’m half way done with my third week of being an Afterzone intern!

This week I will talk about my boss… Well Jon is an amazing boss! He knows when to be serious and when to play around. On Tuesday Jon gave us all code names. I am the Eagle because that day I did not tell Jon where I was going when I went to the bathroom and he could not find me so he said I was flying around like an Eagle.

I enjoy working with Jon because I’ve known him for three years and I could not ask for a better boss. =)

Alexis Batista, AKA “The Eagle”
8th grader at Nathan Bishop Middle School



I think having a boss is great. Especially since I can say I have a boss! Jon is a funny and respectful boss. When I was having a bad day he could see it and he made me feel better.

However, he can be a little unorganized. I think he needs to make a list for his interns and tell us what we need to do so we finish them by the end of the day instead of making us run around and have a new job all the time.* It’s tiring for the interns.

But, overall he is a good boss!

Lauren Thornton, AKA “The Rose”
7th grader at Nathan Bishop Middle School


* Hi this is Jon, Taking the advice of Lauren, I’ve recently started giving the interns a daily agenda. Thanks Lauren!